It makes sense that a billionaire like Bruce Wayne would have an expensive taste in motor vehicles. But it isn't every day that you get to see his alter-ego, Batman, cruising around in his Lamborghini. Perhaps his Batmobile was in the shop.

While cruising along I-95 in Maryland, YouTuber Msmeko1 reached for a video camera when a slick Lamborghini was spotted up ahead. The driver pulled up next to the sports car to get a better look, only to discover that The Dark Knight himself was behind the wheel. The Caped Crusader is definitely the hero that I-95 deserves since it is considered by many to be the most dangerous highway in the US.

Road trips can be pretty boring. Most of the time passengers have to stare out the window counting telephone poles and roadkill to pass the time. Sharing a highway with Batman would definitely make a long drive a lot more exciting. Not only that, but it would make for one interesting game of 'I Spy.'

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