A turbine-powered Batmobile replica manufactured by Pusch Racing Designs can be yours for $620,000. Owner Casey Pusch posted the car on eBay, but thus far, we suspect the listing has attracted more bloggers and comic fans than serious buyers.

The listing insists the Batmobile is more than just an overgrown toy car -- it's a powerful machine:

"Its construction is in a completely different league than both replicas and of course the movie prop cars. Having a perfect reliability record, this car is ready to be enjoyed by an enthusiast who is looking for the ultimate luxury in one-upmanship."

The pricey ride literally runs on jet fuel, but Pusch assures the would-be buyer that "maintenance is exceedingly simple and the service intervals are actually less than that of normal production cars." Holy sales pitch, Batman!

Check out the Pusch Batmobile in action below:

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