Daniel decided to become a rapper before becoming a man.

In this unusual save-the-date video for his bar mitzvah, Atlanta resident Daniel takes a very hip-hop approach to letting people know he’ll be called to the Torah on May 11 of this year.

Is the video good? Well, let’s just say it’s bound to haunt him in 10 years when he’s getting out of college and trying to apply for jobs. Kind of like a male Rebecca Black.

Daniel spends a good portion of the video in his Falcons and Braves jerseys rapping about how he’s been prepping for the big day and how the party will go on until Sunday morning. (We wonder what his parents think about that particular claim.) The real highlight, though, has to be when Daniel tries to hit the high note by repeatedly singing “Oy” in his pre-pubescent pitch. You’ll squirm and chuckle while imagining how exactly he’s going to chant his way through the haftarah portion of his bar mitzvah without his voice cracking like Peter Brady.

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