The Rapping Weatherman Is Back With Dope New Rhymes
The Rapping Weatherman is back! Rather than make a bunch of weather puns to show we're "hip," we'll just say we love this guy soooo much more than weather.com. Not just because one time weather.com made us look at a picture of a fish with human teeth, either (seriously, w…
Full House + Juicy J
There is something so entrancing about this video. It's footage from Stephanie Tanner dancing on a telethon from a 'Full House' episode, but set to the music of rapper Juicy J.
Thug Classics
It's been a while since we've read 'To Kill a Mockingbird,' but we're pretty sure this guy sums it up perfectly.
Kidz Bop 'Thrift Shop'
We didn't fully comprehend how many filthy words were in Macklemore's hit song 'Thrift Shop' until we heard that Kidz Bop was going to cover it.
ASL Rock Star
We've finally figured out our dance move for summer wedding season. We're just going to learn sign language and do animated ASL translations of every song.
Workaholics Rap
It would be perfectly understandable to be disappointed if you were looking forward to seeing the guys from 'Workaholics' on Conan's show, and he announced that they had to cancel last minute. But that disappointment would be worth the excitement of realizing PSYCH that's totally…
Epic Rap Battle Live
A while back we gave you the 'Epic Rap Battle' between classical composer Mozart and modern day electronic musician Skrillex. Well, thanks to YouTube's Comedy Week, you can check out the battle LIVE!

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