'The Dark Knight Rises' is Christopher Nolan's final chapter in his Batman trilogy. So what becomes of super villain Bane, who captivated viewers so in the box office smash, after the credits role?

Contrary to what you may have seen on the big screen, Bane was granted parole as part of Gotham's 'Fresh Start' program and is trying to adjust to a normal life in Gotham.

More oddly still, Bane is now being played by 'SNL' alum Chris Kattan. Catch up with "The Man Who Broke The Bat," courtesy of the folks at Funny or Die.

While Bane clearly has been able to scale back his more anti-social, Gotham-nuking tendencies, it certainly sounds like the program didn't include much-needed speech therapy for the comic book baddie.

But from what we can understand, it's been a real challenge for Bane to live a normal life without resorting to his evil ways. Not when folks are callously littering on Gotham's streets and he has to continue to deal with the unique issues he has with things like drive-through windows and wind instruments.

By the end of the clip Bane has enrolled himself in an anger management course and is singing along to Katy Perry while stuck in traffic. Going straight might be the right thing do to, but it isn't always so dignified.

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