While hundreds of Batman fans are anxiously awaiting for their DVD or Blu-Ray copy of 'The Dark Knight Rises' to ship from Amazon, Honest Trailers reviews the last movie and points out that out of the trilogy, this was the weakest installment.

Honest Trailers shows viewers that Bruce Wayne, who was driven for a desire of vengeance towards his parents' killer and eventually channels that desire into becoming Batman, mopes around in a state of depression for eight years after his girlfriend Rachel's death.

They also mention that in the three hours of 'Rises,' Batman only shows up for 33 minutes and acts even more out of character: divulging his secret identity to strangers he's never met before. Also, he somehow survives a bomb detonation and swims nine miles to shore. These are the burning inconsistencies that Honest Trailers want answers for.

While there's no denying that 'Rises' is a fantastic movie, this video does make good points about it being the weakest movie in the trilogy. Hopefully, it will be better once the fans are able to watch all three back to back. In the end, we can only hope that  one day, Nolan will answer all these questions with an Extended Edition of the movie just like 'Lord of the Rings' filmmakers did.

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