Vampire Party is the name of Audi S7's Super Bowl commercial for 2012, which will run during the first quarter of the game. But don't think the luxury automaker is trying to market itself to the drivers license-less tweens obsessed with Edward Cullen.

The spot does start out 'Twilight'-y enough. A bunch of young, hip-looking vampires enjoy a late night camp fire as the Echo & The Bunnymen song 'The Killing Moon' -- which movie fans will remember from 'Donnie Darko' -- plays in the background.

We think it was the moment when the jock vampire arrives on the scene with a cooler filled with blood in his A7 that the Audi Super Bowl commercial was actually anti-'Twilight.'

Everyone knows that sunlight just makes vampires shine like tacky disco balls, but the vehicles LED headlights are just so well crafted that they promptly fried the brooding bloodsuckers. As many are pointing out, this is how the first 'Twilight' movie should have ended.

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