Maybe you haven't heard, but it's 2013, so you can't just make a regular commercial for the Super Bowl. In keeping with the current trend, Audi has designed a "choose your own ending"-type commercial. They're going with a prom theme, which is an interesting decision because how many high school students are in a position to buy Audis? Not many, but there are definitely lots of people who can afford Audis who want to pretend that they're 17 again. (Apparently they didn't see that movie).

The ads open with an unfortunate high schooler with no date to the prom, so he takes an Audi instead, which, to be fair, is probably less annoying than the average 16-year-old girl. Imbued with this new confidence, he walks right up to the prettiest girl there and kisses her ... only to receive a black eye at the hands of her meathead boyfriend (see what we mean?). The alternate endings only show up once our boy leaves (flees?) -- we can choose to see him reveling in his success a) by himself, b) with his equally dorky buddy, or c) discovering that getting hit in the face at the prom is genetic...apparently.