Given his name and his history as a pitchman, it would seem Mr. T would be the perfect person to sell t-shirts. So it is sort of surprising that no one has used him in a t-shirt selling capacity prior to Old Navy putting him in their latest ad campaign. (It's sort of surprising Old Navy didn't think of this before, because we're pretty sure the former A-Team player was available.)

In this funny infomercial spoof, T touts Old Navy t-shirts as the  "greatest, most softest, best-fitting T's in the history of everything." Anna Faris is along for the ride, explaining that ill-fitting t-shirts made her a "dillweed" and a horror to work with, but now that she's put the comfort of Old Navy on her skin she's turned her life around. Get ready for a endless parade of puns below.

It wouldn't be right to say that Mr. T is ageless. He'll be 60 this year and while he looks younger than he should, he looks older than when we first met him almost 30 years ago. But there is something about the performer who was born Laurence Tureaud that's timeless. Yup, it's probably the Mohawk.

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