Have you got a case of The Tuesdays? You know, The Tuesdays -- you're not even halfway through the work week and already you're dreading every day until Friday.

You spent 15 minutes staring at your keyboard trying to remember the word "clairvoyant" before finally giving up and asking a high school friend on Facebook chat. You stared into the refrigerator for an unknown quantity of time before remembering that you actually got up to get something from the printer -- The Tuesdays.

These "derped" out animals will make you feel better. They won't cure your case of the Tuesdays, but at least you aren't a cat stuck in a hamster ball, amirite?

See, could be worse.

You could be this horse:

You could seriously misjudge a distance:

Or a height:

Or your own size:

You probably know how shadows work, so that's nice.

Chances are strong you can feed yourself.

Cleaning yourself isn't a confusing ordeal.

This is not your response to being startled:

Or this:

This has probably never happened to you:

Even if this probably has:

Take comfort in the fact that this will never be you:

Just get a good night's sleep...

And greet tomorrow like a brand new day.