Angry Birds fans rejoice! Finnish developer Rovio Entertainment has just released the latest installment in its wildly successful Angry Birds franchise -- Angry Birds Space.

Launched today, the new game, which includes a whopping 60 levels, features five of the original characters with new looks and superpowers, and there are several new birds making their debut. In addition, gameplay is now affected by gravity, resulting in "slow-motion puzzles" as well as "lightspeed destruction."

The game has already unseated Draw Something as the number one paid app in the Apple App Store, according to Business Insider. It costs $0.99 on iPhone, iPod Touch and Android phones, $2.99 on iPad, $4.99 on Mac and $5.95 on PC.

Twitter has exploded with positive feedback since the release of the game. "Woke up at 4am and have been playing #angrybirdsspace since. The retro inspired hidden games are genius," tweeted one user. "Wow, Angry Birds Space takes the birds to a whole new level - pun intended. Welcome zero gravity. Thanks," wrote another.

On the other hand, there were others with a few minor criticisms:

Angry Birds Space Twitter Reaction, HAL 9000
Angry Birds Space Twitter Reactions, Darth Vader

What do you think? Are you excited by the arrival of Angry Birds Space?

Download Angry Birds Space Here: iPhone | iPad | Android | PC | Mac

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