Playing your favorite game life-sized couldn't come any bigger than this. Rovio, the makers of the inescapable Angry Birds, teamed up with T-Mobile to create the largest Angry Birds art installation in the world – a 300 foot tall slingshot and a 35-foot Angry Bird mounted on the iconic Seattle landmark, the Space Needle. 

The installation was created to commemorate the launch of Angry Birds Space, the latest variant in the video game franchise.

Angry Birds Seattle needle tower

The launch event gave Seattle residents reason to head down to the Space Needle, where they could not only see the world's largest Angry Birds slingshot, but also play Angry Bird Space and get free merchandise.

But what you really want to know is if they actually launched the Angry Bird into space, right? Turns out it's not scientifically possible to rocket something into space using only a slingshot. Although it would've been fun if the organizers launched the Angry Bird on to some old buildings near the Mississippi River. But again, using our calculations, we take it the inflated Angry Bird would not have survived the needle-like antenna as it flew over the top. We'll have to live out our bird in space-related fantasies on our iPad.

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