Ever wonder what 'Angry Birds' would look like if it was created way back in the '80s? The folks at Squirrel-Monkey.com have reimagined the massively successfully mobile game as an 8-bit creation complete with blocky sprites and cheesy MIDI music. Maybe it's just us, but this makes us miss our old Commodore 64 terribly.

The video begins with a user running the game from a command line (ah, that takes us back), followed by the whirring sounds of a clunky disk drive. Then, we're treated to a crude rendition of the 'Angry Birds' playing field with a square-shaped (yes, square) red bird.

After the gamer successfully destroys two pigs, the game transitions to a seizure-inducing flashing screen that boldly proclaims "Well done!" On second thought, maybe '80s games weren't so great after all. We'll stick with our smartphones and next-gen gaming consoles, thank you.

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