The 'Angry Birds' have started to flap their way into almost every facet of popular culture. In fact, it wouldn't surprise us if someone actually named a disease after them to make the franchise even more of a viral sensation.

Now the popular mobile game franchise has invaded the world of amusement parks. The Finnish theme park Sarkanniemi has partnered with Rovio, the creator of the 'Angry Birds' games, to create and construct a series of rides, games and children's attractions around the game's principal characters.

The section of the park called Angry Birds Land will feature several traditional amusement park rides, themed with the 'Angry Birds'' trademark look and style. Some of the first additions to the park's new section include a Red Bird-styled spinning flyer ride, a multilevel playground with climbing walls and tube slides made to look like the infamous pigs' fortress and, of course, a pig shooting gallery complete with bird-flinging slingshots. Sadly, patrons will not be flung at various structures around the park.

It's not the only 'Angry Birds' theme park to open to the public or hit a ride designer's blueprint board. It's just the first to get Rovio's permission. The Window of the World theme park in China opened their own unauthorized 'Angry Birds' attraction that let players shoot plush birds from giant slingshots at massive pig fortresses.

Rovio has also made plans to open similar attractions at theme parks in the United Kingdom. Talks are still underway to bring 'Angry Birds' attractions to parts of China and the United States.

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