After 33 years of complaining about the foibles of everyday life, loveable curmudgeon Andy Rooney is saying goodbye to the long-running CBS primetime newsmagazine '60 Minutes' this weekend.

Rooney's retirement got us thinking: Have you ever noticed how many funny people do Andy Rooney impressions?

Everyone from George Clooney to random YouTube jokesters love to lampoon America's premiere cranky old man. Ever wonder which Andy Rooney impression is the best? We did, so we rounded-up five of our favorites. Check 'em out below, and tell us which fake Andy Rooney reigns supreme. (Warning: NSFW language ahead.)

Andy Rooney On "Pithy Phrases" (Frank Caliendo, 'Mad TV')

Andy Rooney on Bathrooms and Hair (George Clooney, MSNBC)

Andy Rooney on 'Twilight' (YouTube user WGIF44)

Andy Rooney on Black History Month (Phil Hartman, 'SNL')

Andy Rooney on Pencils (Tracy Ullman, 'Tracy Ullman's State of the Union')

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