Sony Pictures is going all out in promoting the Marc Webb-directed 'The Amazing Spider-Man.' After all, it's a reboot of a franchise made hugely popular by director Sam Raimi and Tobey Maguire playing everyone's favorite neighborhood hero. But if the early trailers didn't do it for you, Sony has just come out with an über-long preview to get you to show up at theaters on July 3rd.

The four-minute long "super preview" features clips shown in previous trailers but with never before seen extended scenes. The preview should give you the gist of what the plot is, but manages to do so without revealing too much.With people still raving about 'The Avengers' and the sure-to-epic 'The Dark Knight Rises' from Warner Bros. around the corner, we can see why Sony is making a lot of noise for their comic caper this summer.

Check out the "super preview" below.

What do you think? Does Spidey have a shot at topping The Avengers and Batman?

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