So here's a tip. If it's 3 AM and you are driving despite maybe having a few drinks, whatever you do DON'T HIT A COP CAR.

Amanda Bynes did, and now the former actress  -- the 26-year old retired from acting via a Twitter message in 2010 -- is facing charges of DUI.

A LA County Sheriff's spokesperson explains:

At 3 a.m. on Friday, a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Deputy in a marked black and white radio car was stopped at [an] intersection [and] preparing to turn right … when a black BMW driven by actress Amanda Bynes attempted to pass the right of the radio car, colliding with the right rear quarter panel of the radio car.”

Not smooth, Amanda. Not smooth at all. Bynes was arrested after the collision, and went on to take a rather odd mug shot photo. While she is not nearly as scary looking as fellow former TV star Lisa Robin Kelly, who had her own unfortunate mug taken earlier this week, we can't say Bynes is looking very, uh, human in the photo.

In fact, she looks a lot like Venus Angelic (pictured above), a teenager who has become a YouTube sensation by making herself look like a fairly creepy real life doll.

So maybe that's what Bynes is up to these days. Whatever it is, somebody needs to use those Nickelodeon residuals to get herself a driver.

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