She calls herself Venus Angelic and has amassed quite a following on YouTube. But if you don't get where the inspiration for her bizarre doll-like looks comes from, Angelic may come across as weirdly creepy.

If her looks don't unsettle you, her accent will, which despite being British sounds anything but. The 15-year-old Londoner lived in Japan for a few years and it was there she fell in love with anime (Japanese animation), which inspired her to start looking like some of her favorite characters.

Check out one of Angelic's make-up video tutorials in which she teaches you how to look like a BJD, or ball-jointed doll.

Angelic, as you can see in the picture below, looks like any regular teenage British girl would, but when she's done with her make-up, what you see on the right is what Angelic can transform into:

Venus Angelic make-up

Some of Angelic's other make-up tutorials teaches her viewers how to get the 'anime look' and tips on eye-enlarging make-up. Because anime characters have big eyes, get it?

In an interview with Right This Minute, Angelic mentions she has been doing her doll make-up for two years now. While her mother doesn't approve of Angelic's obsession with looking the way she does, she still finds it cute when her daughter dresses up in maid outfits. (Shudder.) When the folks at Right This Minute asked if her accent was real, Angelic replied: "Yes, of course it's my real voice. I think [it sounds that way] because I speak five languages and all the accents mix together." To us, Angelic's "Japanese" accent sounds vaguely Eastern European.

Angelic says she doesn't think she'll stop her dollish ways anytime soon, and views herself as an inspiration to young girls. What do you think? Is Angelic just expressing herself in a unique way or does she freak you out?

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