Before 29-year-old Aaron Collins died about a month ago, he wrote a will which requested his family buy a pizza and leave the waiter or waitress an "awesome tip."

A week after his death, the Collins family obliged their departed love one and handed a stunned pizzeria waitress $500. The video of the emotional exchange quickly went viral, calling attention to Aaron's unique last wish.

Since then, the family has set up a website called 'Aaron's Wish,' which raises money to give out more $500 tips in Aaron's memory. Over $50,000 has been collected, or about enough cash to dispense a big tip every week for two years.

Aaron's death remains a mystery. The family is still awaiting a final coroner report but the preliminary one suggests strangulation. But what's no longer a mystery is Aaron's legacy -- which is going to be one of generosity.

So far the family has given out four $500 tips. They say beyond making a difference in the life of a hard working server doing so helps them deal with Aaron's shocking passing. Watch all four touching moments below.