We're huge fans of music mashups, because there are tons of different types. Presidential versions and ones involving staplers top our list as favorites so far. There's also that Leo Dicaprio and 'My Little Pony' video that may or may not have weird-ed us out for a while. Well, recently we discovered another mashup artist who's upping the game by recreating a famous piece by composer and pianist Edvard Grieg. (Chances are you'll recognize the tune.)Basically, he dedicated a summer to filming himself playing one keyboard note per day for 93 straight days, and what results is really impressive. What's even cooler is the quote he shows us at the end: "Happiness is achieving what no one has before." Good news, music man; we're pretty sure no one has ever played a classic piano piece in Mickey Mouse gloves, a Spongebob Squarepants hat or a full-on karate outfit. Congrats!