We already know Jimmy Fallon is one of the most talented names in entertainment today. Think about it-- he does a spot-on John Travolta impression in his 'Frankenstorm Sandy' bit, and he creates some awesomely smooth music with Brian Williams. But there's one thing he does best as part of his late-night show-- jam out with The Roots.

You might've seen this match made in hilarious music heaven a few months back when Carly Rae Jepsen joined them for one of the greatest 'Call Me Maybe' covers of all-time. Fortunately, Jimmy and The Roots are back at it again, and this time, Christina Aguilera is involved. So are office supplies.

The multi-talented funny guy leads the group in keypad-clicking while the rest of the band tears paper, clanks pencils and clicks staplers. Oh, and Aguilera belts out a pretty nice rendition of 'Your Body' to compliment the extremely impressive tune.