Hank and Marie Watch Daredevil
Last week's thrilling episode of 'Breaking Bad'  featured a jaw-dropping scene where Hank and Marie watch Walt's "confession" video. This naturally inspired a meme where Hank and Marie watch other disturbing footage like Miley's racy VMA performance.
‘Ice Ice Baby’ Performed by the Movies
If you secretly want to listen to "Ice Ice Baby" all the time, but you don't want anyone to know that you do, NOW'S YOUR CHANCE! This mash-up from mash-up extraordinaire YouTuber dondrapersayswhat has expertly spliced together snippets from movies to recreate the son…
Full House + Juicy J
There is something so entrancing about this video. It's footage from Stephanie Tanner dancing on a telethon from a 'Full House' episode, but set to the music of rapper Juicy J.
Disney Meets 'Gatsby'
Why watch 'The Great Gatsby' when you could watch 'The Great Catsby'???  We had that same thought, bu Guyism went one step farther and created this mashup using the trailer's audio and clips from 'The Aristocats' to make 'The Great Catsby.'
‘Games of Thrones’ Gets a ‘Friends’ Makeover
'Game of Thrones' fans: BEWARE OF SPOILERS.
In this video -- which fuses some scenes from the hit HBO fantasy series with the fluff-filled 'Friends' opening of our yesteryear -- we're pleasantly reminded of how glad we are that 'Game of Thrones' didn't come out…
NIN Meets 'Call Me Maybe'
We don't know how this makes us feel. Basically, we're just glad we're not angry. This lucky genius has taken a part of our childhood and, rather than ruining it, changed it in a way that doesn't fill us with boiling rage, which is usually what happens when we hear anything '…
Taylor Swift+Nic Cage
As if we didn't already love Taylor Swift enough, this remix of her 'I Knew You Were Trouble' single might actually be better than the original. Turns out all she needed was a little bit of Nicholas Cage.
Best Goat Remixes
Now that we think of it, why wouldn't you add footage of screaming goats to as many songs as you possibly could? Needless to say, this new internet trend makes much more sense to us than Harlem Shake videos or teenagers throwing gallons of milk into the air...
Oscar Movie Mashups We Want to See
Around awards season it can seem like if you've seen one Oscar contender, you've seen them all. The same rote drama, suspense, beautiful actresses playing can grow tiresome. We've livened up a few of the films that have received Oscar nods by mashing them…

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