These aren't just any everyday birdhouses. They're fun, awesome and incredible creations. Take a look at some bird mansions, some fun hand-crafted pieces and even a R2-D2 house!

John Looser used to work on houses for humans. Now though, after a debilitating car accident, he is working on houses for birds -- or more accurately, mansions for birds.

This is another John Looser masterpiece. We wouldn't mind living in this beautiful castle.

This birdhouse was built by London Fieldworks in King's Wood as a part of their project "Super Kingdom." The birdhouses in the installation reflect despots' houses and communities and are supposed to illustrate wealth gaps and utopian imaginings. This birdhouse is based on Stalin's Palace of Science and Culture.

This is another birdhouse by London Fieldworks. This birdhouse is based on Mussolini's Palazzo della Civilta Italiana.

This funny little birdhouse looks exactly like an Old West liquor store! We just hope those birds are munching on bird feed and not getting drunk off liquor.

This funny guy is actually a birdhouse! Hopefully this friendly fireman will protect the birds and not scare them away.

This playful birdhouse is modeled after his and her outhouses. Cute idea, but those birds better use it for feeding and not as a bathroom!

Birds are welcome to this Noah's Ark birdhouse two by two.

Better not put this birdhouse near the road or the mailman might get confused. Keep it in the backyard though and this lovely birdhouse mailbox will make you and the birds happy.

This cool birdhouse is perfect for music lovers. It's crafted to look exactly like a guitar!

For all the geeks out there, this little birdhouse is hand-painted to look like 'Star Wars' favorite R2-D2.

These funny little birdhouses really make us laugh. Pair Nintendo brothers Mario and Luigi together to create the perfect birdhouse team.