Spring is a time for renewal and rebirth. After a long winter, it's always a relief to see some color appear from the seemingly endless drabness, even in warmer climates.

Spring is also a time in many areas of the country when cardinals seem to be everywhere, bringing with them their familiar (and quite complicated!) song. The red flash is even more vibrant in areas where there may still be snow cover.

Meaning of Cardinals

What does it mean when you spot a cardinal?

There are many iterations of the cardinal story, but most seem to relate in some way to the passing of loved ones. It's commonly thought a cardinal sighting is a connection to the afterlife which brings you closer you to a person who meant a lot to you. It's a sign that they miss you but they are okay.

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Other versions of the symbolic connection go so far as to say that the cardinal is the actual incarnation of the lost soul visiting you.

In a popular video from 2019, a cardinal is seen "visiting" two sisters after they reportedly asked their late mother to send one to them as a sign. Whether you believe it or not, it's pretty powerful.

What does it mean when a cardinal wants to enter your home?

Things can get really interesting with cardinal encounters if you suddenly have one knocking at your window. With so many cardinals visiting birdfeeders, this is bound to happen, but it can be an unsettling experience—especially to those who subscribe to the cardinal symbolism.

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Bird experts will tell you the male cardinal (they are the brighter red of the sexes) is actually coming at his own reflection in the window, and stopping this can be quite difficult. K-State has some advice on how to do that, with solutions ranging from applying decals to simply closing your blinds.

Interestingly, this advice is similar to what you'd do if you want to avoid unwanted visitors.

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