Bears With Beaks
If you're not familiar with Birds With Arms, a single-serving Tumblr that posts images of birds with human arms Photoshopped onto them, Bears With Beaks might make no sense. If you are familiar, and you like Birds With Arms, you'll love this.
10 Birds Who Are Lady Gaga’s Biggest Fans
Birds are funny creatures, mainly because they're prone to unfortunate (and hilarious) haircuts. They also have a particular knack for jamming out to music, and they're pretty good at it, too! Remember that master beatboxer dubstep bird? That was just a measly intro to birdy tale…
The Pope’s Dove of Peace Was Attacked by a Seagull
Just as he finished a sermon on Sunday, Pope Benedict XVI symbolically released two doves into the air as a call for peace. But soon after the birds took flight, an aggressive seagull began dive bombing one of them. Uh oh. We're generally not superstitious, but we sure hope this isn't a si…
Chick Chick-Ah!
Warning: our obsession with baby animals is unstoppable. Can you honestly blame us, though? We're already suckers for anything fuzzy and adorable, but when it comes in a tiny version, we're just sucked in automatically. Remember miniature puppies or itty bitty kittens? Our p…
Bad Hair Day
If you know anything about us here at TheFW, it's that we love any sort of furball, particularly those of the adorable variety. Tiny dogs, piglets in people clothes, you name it-- we're fans. There are also times when we sort of feel bad for our fellow animals. This is especially true when…
Headbanging Cockatoo Rocks Out to AC/DC
In this cute video, a cockatoo named Tonto shows his appreciation for classic rock by banging his head vigorously and shaking his tail feathers to AC/DC's 'You Shook me All Night Long.' Hell's bells, he's got some moves!
12 Awesome Birdhouses for Summer
These aren't just any everyday birdhouses. They're fun, awesome and incredible creations. Take a look at some bird mansions, some fun hand-crafted pieces and even a R2-D2 house!
Fearless Ostrich Runs Wild Through the Streets of Saudi Arabia
In Saudia Arabia, an eight-foot runaway ostrich recently snarled traffic, caused accidents and distracted drivers as it ran loose through the busy streets in the southern town of Abha. The animal even got knocked down by a truck at one point, but the mighty bird picked itself up and just kept going.

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