Watch the 100 Most Maniacal Movie Laughs
While a movie doesn't necessarily need a villain, it usually helps the plot along if there is a bad guy. And one of the ways a filmmaker lets an audience know that a certain character is up to no good is by making him belt out a maniacal laugh.
Hilarious Supercut Shows the Dark Side of ‘Mr. Wizard’
During the '50s and '60s, 'Watch Mr. Wizard' was a highly-rated show that taught an entire generation of children the wonders of science. In 1983, the show's creator and host Don Herbert brought the educational series back as 'Mr. Wizard's World,' which ran on Nickelodeon until 1990.
While Herbert w…
Check Out The Ultimate ‘I’m Batman’ Supercut
There is only one Batman, and that's Bruce Wayne. However, an awful lot of different actors have played the philanthropist/Caped Crusader over the years. Furthermore, belting out Batman's catchphrase "I'm Batman" has long proved popular with characters in movies and on TV who aren't necess…
Watch a Supercut of the Funniest ‘Friends’ Bloopers
Between 1994 and 2004 'Friends' was one of the most popular shows on television. But while the antics of the six New York-based buddies were cracking up millions, some of the show's funniest moments were originally left on the cutting room floor. Check out this supercut culled from th…
Aaron Sorkin’s ‘Sorkinisms’ Gets a Supercut
Aaron Sorkin scored an Oscar for his screenplay for 'The Social Network,' but for those who aren't familiar with his work, the Academy and Emmy award-winning screenwriter has many classics from television and movies to his name. From the famous lines of 'A Few Good Men,' to the White House drama 'Th…
Watch Models Fall In Ultimate ‘Runway Fail’ Supercut
Is there anything more cringeworthy (and funny) than a runway model taking a spill? All of the models in this supercut do their best to maintain poise, but each of them takes a fall, sometimes with painful-looking results. Go ahead and laugh. It's only natural.
Watch News Anchors Drop NSFW Bombs In Hilarious Supercut
As this awesomely funny video shows, being a television news anchor isn't just about reading from the teleprompter. It also requires you to keep your mind out of the gutter, which the majority of the talking heads in this supercut fail spectacularly to do. (Warning: NSFW for unintentional profa…

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