There is only one Batman, and that's Bruce Wayne. However, an awful lot of different actors have played the philanthropist/Caped Crusader over the years. Furthermore, belting out Batman's catchphrase "I'm Batman" has long proved popular with characters in movies and on TV who aren't necessarily wearing a bat mask.

The video archivists at Gorilla Mask have compiled a supercut of "every instance of the iconic catchphrase from the Batman movies, television shows, and cartoons, plus quite a few from non-Batmans." Check it out below.

So the next time you say "I'm Batman" after a particularly sterling achievement, what you are really saying is "I'm not very original."

But now the question becomes who's the "real" Batman? While most would point to Christian Bale, or perhaps Adam West, we're going to nominate Kramer from 'Seinfeld.' The heroic tale that engendered his repeating of the catchphase is pretty insane. Check it out below.