Watch Every Celebrity Caller From ‘Frasier’
The hit NBC sitcom 'Frasier' ended its original run almost eight years ago. But the Web is buzzing about the Kelsey Grammer vehicle again due to a surprising revelation about the callers who phoned Dr. Frasier Crane's self-help radio show.
It turns out the faceless …
Watch a Montage of the Best TV Quotes of 2011 [VIDEO]
Sometimes a TV character will fire off a line of dialogue that is so good you find yourself quoting it the next day. The Huffington Post's TV critic Maureen Ryan has compiled a list of her 11 most memorable TV lines of 2011, which includes remarks from the likes of 'Parks and Recreation's' Ron Swans…
Nostalgic Supercut Lists the 15 ‘Unseen’ TV Characters [VIDEO]
If we listed our favorite TV characters, all of them would be characters that we actually saw. But there were also a lot of great characters that never gotten screen time at all.
This supercut list from Mewslists ranks the top 15 characters that were part of their shows but we never actually saw onsc…

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