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10 Funny ‘Zoolander’ Quotes
Here's a look back at 'Zoolander,' the adventures of Ben Stiller's eponymous well-meaning but endearingly inept supermodel.
Thanks to memorable performances from Stiller, Will Ferrell, Owen Wilson and Billy Zane (yes, Billy Zane), 'Zoolander' has become one of the most q…
The Best ’30 Rock’ Quotes
'30 Rock' hasn't even ended yet and we're already preparing to miss it desperately, so to take the edge off, we've put together a list of the best lines from the show.
10 Funny Quotes From ‘The Hangover’
Has their been a more quotable comedy from the past few years than 'The Hangover'? Since its release in 2009, the Vegas-set comedy has been supplying funny quotes for use on the Web and in everyday life.
10 Funny Tracy Jordan Quotes From ’30 Rock’
As '30 Rock' comes to an end, it's time to get sentimental. What could do a better job of keeping us from crying than our favorite quotes from Tracy Jordan? As long as you don't count that thing where you laugh and cry really hard at the same time as crying, it totally works...
10 Funny Jack Donaghy Quotes From ’30 Rock’
As '30 Rock' comes to an end after seven seasons, here's a look back at the hyper-Republican and hilariously conservative suit, Jack Donaghy. He alone can make us feel guilty for not owning our own island or wearing a tuxedo after 6pm. That we have such affection for an unabashedly se…
10 Funny ‘Workaholics’ Quotes
It's only halfway through it's third season, but we can safely say that 'Workaholics' is one of the more easily quotable shows on television right now. How could it not be -- Anders, Adam and Blake chuck out little nuggets of hilarity so often the actual challenge is picking which ones to keep with …