Perhaps the most memorable moment of 'Mad Men's' season five premiere Sunday night was Jessica Paré's sultry perfomance of the song 'Zou Bisou Bisou.'

Paré, who plays Don Draper's young new wife Megan, is French-Canadian, and she used her bilingual skills to sing the sexy French language song during Draper's 40th birthday party.

The song was original recorded by British actress Gillian Hills in 1960. Sophia Lauren also recorded an English langauge version of the song later that year. The lyrics, roughly translated, are as follows:

Oh! Kiss kiss / My God, they are sweet! /Oh! Kiss kiss / the sound of kisses /Oh! Kiss kiss /hat means, I confess / But yes, I love only you!

The producers of 'Mad Men' must have known the song would make a big impression on viewers because today you can buy Paré's version on iTunes or the AMC website. You can also check out Hills' mod-tastic original below.