When zombies were forbidden from appearing at the Tennessee Valley Authority's regular meetings, they took them to court. Who knew the undead had lawyers on retainer?

The federal energy group found themselves answering questions and fielding complaints from participants dressed as zombies, pirates and Santa Claus. The outfits were worn to protest the start of construction on a nuclear power plant in Alabama, unless the zombies were a side effect the TVA didn't tell us about.

The utility authority passed a bylaw that banned the wearing of costumes at meetings the following months. They also showed some heavy enforcement by kicking out four undead members from their recent meeting and a fifth who just mimicked the behaviors of a zombie during his comments to the board.

The five attendees who were kicked out of the meeting filed the lawsuit in a federal court. They are seeking $50,000 each in damages from the TVA. The lawsuit also wants the court to set aside the construction of the Alabama nuclear power plant.

The plaintiffs referred all comments to their attorney because, well, zombies have a hard time forming words and speaking to reporters without trying to eat their delicious brains.

[via The Atlanta Journal]