Just when you thought things were getting back to normal, you find out that the United States Military, plus several different law enforcement agencies, not to mention emergency workers and medical technicians, are about to get some very unorthodox disaster training.

That’s right, the men and women responsible for your protection and safety are going to be taught how to deal with a real zombie apocalypse. Kind of makes you wonder if the federal government knows about something coming, something it doesn’t want the average citizen to find out about…

To be fair to the powers that be, it seems HALO Corporation, the security firm organizing the “zombie” training, really isn’t worried about zombies taking over the planet anytime soon. It seems getting ready to fight zombies, imaginary or not, is a great way to prepare for real terrorist attacks and other emergencies.

Quite a few people, at least according to recent news reports, are actually worried about the possibility of zombie attacks. Even though there is some humor behind this very serious military and police exercise, it might serve to quell the belief that true zombie are about to inhabit our society. It’s also a good way to get folks ready for other calamities that might be just as destructive. Of course, the notion of brain eating corpses wandering around our streets, looking for fresh meat, is pretty hard to beat.

Halo is going to use elaborate sets, like pirates’ sanctuaries and Middle Eastern towns, where the trainers will run trainees through some grueling tests. Although fighting zombies is a playful theme, the central idea is that Americans should be ready to combat, and handle, any threat that happens to be out there. We hope zombies taking over the Earth will never be included among those threats, but you never know. It always pays to be prepared.

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