In case the countless movies, TV shows and video games about fighting zombies hasn't convinced you, current events suggest the undead are eventually going to start an uprising. Just how will you prepare yourself when this day of reckoning is upon us? Well, if you have $23,999 lying around, OpticsPlanet has a pretty exhaustive zombie survival kit to offer.

But before you complain about how only the rich can survive a zombie threat, check out what the kit contains.

Called the Z.E.R.O. (Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations) Kit, the massive survival gear features everything from weapon accessories, knives, cases and backpacks, reloading and gunsmithing equipment, protective gear, laboratory equipment and other tools.

OpticsPlanet even made a video for it:

That's right, you get all that... except real guns, essential foods and clean drinking water. Things you would actually require to survive an apocalypse. Also, according to experts (and everybody else), that's quite a lot of gear to be carrying around when fighting the undead. Haven't you played 'Left 4 Dead' or watched '28 Days Later'? Some zombies are fast runners too, you know.

Oh well, at least OpticsPlanet are throwing in a "battle mug" absolutely free if you cough up the $23,999. But if that's not enough to tempt you to start preparing for the impending zombie war, the Las Vegas-based Zombie Apocalypse Store has a better selection of items you may find far more useful when living amongst the walking dead.

What would be in your zombie survival kit? Let us know in the comments.

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