Zach Braff Uses KickStarter for a Sweet Marriage Proposal
Regardless of your stance on the Zach Braff Kickstarter debacle, you can't say nothing good came of it. Sure, it may have sent douche chills up your spine to see a millionaire asking for money so he could make exactly the movie he wanted to make, but at the same time, thanks to his awesome Kick…
Kickstart These Shows
Inspired by the success of the recent 'Veronica Mars' movie campaign, Funny or Die has started numerous Kickstarters to bring back all your favorite old shows because "people love stuff from the '90s. The only problem is...April Fool's! It's not real.
Crazy KickStarters
Kickstarter is a wonderful, magical place, where you can buy "luxuriously rugged" men's underpants, or help bring chocolate-dipped, pretzel-sprinkled beer-flavored marshmallows into the world. But not all of the projects people are trying to do are so awesome...