As always, we have the best gifs to sum up your week. If you're anything like us, you're all over the Olympic coverage. So we've got some special Olympics gifs just for you. If you missed it, we have gifs of the London Games here and we also have reaction gifs - how you possibly felt while watching those memorable Olympic moments.

Take a look at all the best gifs of the week below.

Princess Kate scores a point at ping pong

Mckayla Maroney’s amazing vault

How we imagine bike race spectators feel at the Olympics


How we feel watching all the fit athletes at the Olympics


How we felt when France beat the U.S. swim team in the freestyle relay in the Olympics


What we thought of the U.S. Olympic uniforms by Ralph Lauren

How we felt when Aly Raisman got to the individual all-around gymnastics finals over Jordyn Wieber

What we think a dog would look like as an Olympic diver

What Olympic swimmers look like when they remove their top swim cap

How we feel whenever the U.S. gets a gold medal