The old saying goes, "you can't judge a book by its cover." But you can judge these VHS covers as the worst of all time.

Gone are the glory days of VHS, and the absurdly atrocious covers that went with them. Still, there's a strange charm to the crude artwork that adorned these boxes, made by amateurs who clearly didn't know what they were doing. And to be fair, how can one make good covers for some of these flicks? How could you possibly dream up an eye-catching cover for 'Death Spa'?

But what makes a VHS cover earn the title of "the worst"? Is it the atrocious artwork or awkwardly staged photography? Is it a random image that has nothing to do with the film it's selling? Or, in the case of the worst of the worst, is it all of the above?

Click below to see the worst VHS covers in movie history.