They're short on size, but long on adorable.

A pygmy marmoset, which is world's tiniest kind of monkey, recently gave birth to twins weighing half-an-ounce apiece at Symbio Wildlife Park in Australia.

Sure, that's about the equivalent of a drop of soda in a Coke can, but the zoo was quick to caution, "If you put into perspective it is actually relative to a human giving birth to a ten-year-old child."

The parents, named Gomez and Iti, were introduced as part of an effort to create more of their species in an attempt to stave off extinction. Iti was brought in from New Zealand as part of the ultimate blind date to put an end to Gomez's longtime bachelor lifestyle. While we don't know if that means he practically lived on Tinder or most of his meals were via pizza delivery, the zoo wanted to make sure Gomez didn't stay single for much longer.

You can see more of the babies below. Prepare to say "Awwww" in 3, 2, 1...