Remember the earnest voiceover narration from the ABC comedy-drama 'The Wonder Years'? What happens if you remove one of the most distinctive elements of the beloved show? As comedian Jon Friedman pointed out, the show then becomes "95% people staring at each other" and this video proves it.

In this scene, mom Norma sees blood on Kevin's shirt and asks him to explain. But without the benefit of Daniel Stern's narration, the exchange becomes nothing more than two people staring at each other awkwardly for almost half a minute. Not quite as heartwarming as you remember it, right?

Since we're no longer privy to Kevin's inner monologue, the scene is reduced to staring, gaping and concerned looks as the two move around the kitchen. After what seems like an interminable wait, Kevin finally lies that the stain is ketchup. Whew! Sure took a long time getting there.