You've surely heard of highway robbery? It turns out that driveway robbery is also a thing (a very, very literal thing).

When Florida woman Rachel McCarty returned home from her job Tuesday, she felt a strange bump as she pulled into her driveway. Then she "noticed there was definitely something missing in my peripheral vision."

What she wasn't seeing was 200 of the bricks that made up her driveway, which had been removed when the 40-year-old was at work.

"I thought it was very bold, and brazen and bothersome," was how McCarthy explained the unusual crime.

And also pretty clever. Neighbors had seen two men dig up McCarthy's driveway but thought nothing of it, figuring they were workers and she was getting a new driveway.

However, the thieves ruined their clever little caper by inexplicably returning on Thursday for the bricks that they hadn't snatched earlier in the week. At which point the neighbors did call the police and one of the men, 49-year-old Anthony Jones was arrested. The brick-greedy criminal faces charges of grand theft.