It's becoming harder and harder to pull a good April Fool's Day prank. We blame the internet for this, as not long after you log on you are reminded of the tricky nature of April 1 and thus put your guard up.

One way to circumvent the new always-in-your-face April Fool's reality is pull the kind of practical joke or hoax that is so extreme nobody would even consider that you are kidding. That's what Susan Alexandria Tinker did and now the 20-year-old is facing up to a year in prison.

At 6 AM Monday morning Tinker called the police from her job at the Waffle House in Hampton, Va. and reported a robbery. The cops rushed to the scene and the canines started sniffing for clues. Then, after an hour of searching for the perps...April Fool's?

The authorities didn't much appreciate Tinker's prank.

"Sometimes we'll get incidents where kids are playing around on the phone," Hampton Police Division Cpl. Mary Shackelford. "But usually it's nothing of this caliber."

Tinker was arrested for falsely summoning police. The misdemeanor charge is no joke as it comes with a penalty of up to a year in jail and/or a $2,500 fine. And now we all know who this year's April fool is.

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