This woman really needs to learn the art of salesmanship.

In this video, the woman tries to extol the virtues of a cat she's trying to give away, all while it bites and snips at her, contradicting each and every nice thing she says.

She keeps her cheery act (although it's broken up with bouts of chastising the animal) going until the end when she finally gets real and comes clean about the fact the cat is stressing her out. And with the way it's treating her like a human chew toy, it's easy to see why.

While it's easy to see that this cat is a handful, what remains a mystery is why this woman didn't scrap this video and make an entirely new one where the pet doesn't look like the kind of jerk non-cat people always claim cats seem to be. Our guess? She was in a rush and had to run out to buy a scratching post.

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