A woman in Michigan is suing movie studio FilmDistrict because she feels she was mislead by the trailer and the marketing for the Nicolas Winding Refn film starring Ryan Gosling.

In her suit, she claims the studio "promoted the film as very similar to 'The Fast and the Furious,' or similar, series of movies," and that she was disappointed to find there was "very little driving in the picture."

'Drive' has been mostly praised by critics, though they've also pointed out that Refn's noirish heist narrative has a complicated connection to its marketing campaign. Said Roger Ebert of the film:

"'Drive' looks like one kind of movie in the ads, and it is that kind of movie. It is also a rebuke to most of the movies it looks like."

The litigious woman's demands? A refund on her ticket and a ban on misleading film trailers. Watch 'Drive's' below:

[via Moviefone]

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