Who's really being punished here? Valerie Rodgers, or the cops she's cooking for? It depends on good she is in the kitchen, we guess. Rodgers was sentenced to cooking Thanksgiving dinner for three cops and a year of probation for reckless driving that resulted in felony charges.Rodgers, who lives in Tuscarawas Township, Ohio, disregarded orders from a police officer who was directing traffic during the Canton Marathon. Despite being ordered to go straight, she turned left and knocked the police officer down. She plead guilty last month to felony assault and misdemeanor counts of failure to comply with an order or signal of a police officer, failure to stop after an accident and not obeying traffic control devices.

Now Rodgers has to cook dinner for three police officers who are on leave or unable to work. We wonder if the judge would've ordered a man to cook dinner for some cops. Something makes us think the answer is no.

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