It’s never a good idea to infuriate an ex-wife or estranged husband with a score to settle. You never know what your former life partner is capable of. One man, living in Utah, discovered just how angry is ex-wife really was at him. Brenda Christine White drove a Ford Explorer through an office building in Salt Lake City and attempted to run her husband down.

The actual attempt on Jon Robert White’s life took place in 2006, although Jason Schatz, Brenda Christine White’s attorney, is defending his client right now at her trial, trying to keep an attempted murder conviction at bay.

Apparently Brenda chased her husband, who was on foot at the time, through a parking garage with her SUV. Mr. White leapt over a concrete wall and ran inside of an office for cover. Brenda drove into the office, chased him down a hallway and ended up striking him two times. You can take a look at the video footage of the incident below, and judge parts of the chase for yourself.

Brenda’s attorneys are saying that her actions that fateful day do not constitute attempted murder. They acknowledge that, yes, their client was in fact behind the wheel of the Ford Explorer, but she was under an enormous amount of stress, plus she was taking a ton of Xanax anti-anxiety medication. Since, her attorneys argue, she wasn’t in total control of her body (because of the medication), chasing her husband with a large SUV wasn’t what it looked like. She was simply having a very bad -- and drugged up -- day.

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