Donna Marie Nichols isn't the first person to use 911 to lodge a complaint about her fast food order. By our count Burger King, McDonald's and Subway have all driven patrons to turn to emergency services.

But, as far as we know, this Tennessee woman is the first person to call 911 on Hardee's. So welcome to the big time, home of the Thick Burger.

According to a police report, Nichols called 911 twice, resulting in cops being dispatched to her home. When the officers arrived, she told them she “had purchased a meal from the Hardee's in Rockwood and that the hamburger tasted funny."

Nichols admitted she had called the Hardee's in question before dialing up 911 and that they had offered to refund or replace her burger. But apparently she believed her burger's funk raised to that of a criminal offense.

Of course the only criminal in the equation was Nichols, and she was promptly taken in for abuse of the 911 system. We wonder if she used her one phone call to complain about the prison food.

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