William Shatner  is no stranger to documentaries. The former 'Star Trek' captain filmed 'The Captains,' which went into detail about all six of the show's 'Star Trek' captains as well as 'Get A Life,' a documentary on the fans of the hit television show. Now he's courting controversy for his piece about Lucy Lawless' butt-kicking Xena and the cult TV show's still strong fan base of mainly female viewers who flock to conventions like DragonCon and New York Comic-Con.

This sounds all well and good at first glance, but in an interview with 'Mania', Shatner describes the die-hard 'Xena' fans as "people in need; people who are so in need that they cling to each other because of the mutuality of what they are." Subtle diss much?

If Mr. Shatner is hoping to make any money off of this documentary, he should remember one very important rule: never bite the hand that feeds you.  (What do you want to bet there's some crossover between fans of 'Xena' and Trekkies?) If there's one thing that die-hard fans have proven time and time again, it's that when they mobilize, they can be a force to be reckoned with.

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