In September, William Shatner of 'Star Trek' fame declared that his sci-fi series is vastly superior to the 'Star Wars' franchise. And now, Carrie Fisher (AKA Princess Leia) is hitting back. Time to settle the "great nerd debate" once and for all.

According to Fisher, 'Star Trek' isn't even "in the same league" as 'Star Wars.' Also, she said, the word "Klingon" sounds like a "laundry detergent." Ouch! That's some cold dinner, Princess Leia.

But then Fisher drops the bomb that Shatner once wore the Darth Vader costume and suggests that anyone who runs into the onetime Capt. Kirk should call him "Han Solo." Uh oh. The 'Wars' Vs. 'Trek' debate has officially turned ugly.

Watch Fisher calling out Capt. Kirk below.

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