Good news, ladies and gents. Your night terrors are over -- the Priceline Negotiator is back with a new commercial, and he wasn't horribly disfigured in that bus fire you've been dreaming about ever since it aired in January!!

In an ad now airing, William Shatner stands on a beach holding a surf board, with nary a scratch in sight from the plot twist that supposedly killed off his Negotiator character earlier this year. According to a survey conducted by Priceline, 94% of their customers said they missed the character. You read that right: 94% of people polled had an opinion about the Priceline Negotiator.

We assume that, despite the commercial ending with Shatner walking into the ocean like he was going to drown himself, he will be back for more commercials. Rest easy, 94% of you -- his contract doesn't expire until early next year, so he's still got a few more bus crashes in him in theory.

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