In one corner, we have President Barack Obama, who gave probably the funniest presidential speech out of all the past White House Correspondents' Dinners. Not only did he "forget" his mic was on backstage and poke fun at Kim Kardashian, but he was also able to laugh at himself and the whole Secret Service debacle.

Watch President Obama's White House Correspondents' Dinner Speech

In the other, we have late-night comedic host Jimmy Kimmel, the actual main attraction that Obama basically opened for. In the tradition of past comedian roasts, he didn't let any in attendance, including Sofia Vergara, Mitt Romney and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, leave without at least one joke made at their expense.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel's White House Correspondents' Dinner Speech

So, who gave the funnier speech? Watch each of their speeches (or just take a look at Obama and Kimmel's top 10 best jokes) and vote in our poll below.

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