It’s all the rage, but it’s not easy to do. Well, it’s not easy to do while not looking like a complete idiot. But it can’t be impossible. If this bird can do it, so can you. Maybe he can teach you to 'Dougie.'

If you want to make a splash at the next wedding reception you go to, doing the Dougie is the way to go. The problem is, if you don’t know how to Dougie, you can’t Dougie at the dance. Worry not. This bird will show you.

Larry the bird, a Goffin Cockatoo, likes to get down and get funky and he’s not afraid to show it. In this video, he bobs and weaves to Cali Swag Districts’ ‘Teach Me How to Dougie’ for more than three minutes. And, this guy has more rhythm and better moves than a lot of people we’ve seen at wedding dances, so you’re in good hands … or talons.

Ok, he's not really doing the dougie, so don't actually go anywhere and dance like this. And if you do, please post it on YouTube.

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